As usually we’ll be present at SICAM 2022, October 18-21 Halle 2 / stand B3


The sistem, inspired  by an idea of designer Carlo Tinagli, solves the classic problem of boiserie, which usually  need a very long time to be mounted. Moreover the planning reworked proportions and made the system dynamic; the components has great design value, can be placed at different heights, and allow everybody to create his own vertical spaces in the kitchen. Then, the solution of Moving system allow to exploit op-timally the space between base and hanging cabinet, and can be placed on “free” wall too, assuring maximum design freedom.


Pull-out system for corner base and pantry unit; for those who appreciate rationality in the kitchen, but with an emotional mark


Pull-out system for corner base and pantry unit; it allows you to use comfortably all the available space, also the part usually less easy to reach. Now it is available in several colors and with baskets edged in elliptical profile


The new line of accessories under hanging WING becomes wealthy with precious finishes and crystals SWAROVSKI. AMBIENTECUCINA n°222 anno38 October / November pag.114


Modular Ideas

New system which allows you to furnish bases and pantry units by using the same module, just stacking it one over another. (Ambiente Cucina n. 237, year 41 April/May, pag. 150)