Dustbin at Corner

Pull-out dustbin to be put under corner sinks

The system of dustbin  diversified harvest of Lemi is the only one expressly studied for being inserted under the sinks at corner. The mechanism is composed from a carrying structure in painted metal, analogous to the already known mechanism estraibile Lemi, two dustbins from 15 and two from 6 liters in grey plastics, and two or four (in the case of cm base. 120) baskets chromed counter of cleansers / sponges / torn. All the salient characteristics are maintained that countersign the deliverable mechanisms of Lemi:

Use of bases standard angle, the mechanism can be climbed on in whatever moment.

Extreme simplicity of assemblage, that is translated in brief times of installation, no more than 5 minutes.

Release of the structure from the shutter, that doesn’t risk to go out position because of the loaded weight on the structure.

Total extraction of all the containers that wants to tell total accessibility the buckets for refusals.

The system is to insert under the sinks at corner climbed on base in line with zippers for cm angle. 105 or 120, or under the sinks at corner climbed on cm bases. 105×105 or from cm. 120×120. Depth of the side cm. 56. for a correct operation it is necessary to foresee a siphon of the type space saving.