Pantry Corner

Eclipse for Pantry Corner

The mechanism for bases and columns at corner realized for the one that appreciates the rationality in the kitchen and with also an emotional note however it can be climbed on in all the bases or  columns at corner, in line with zippers for angle, in any moment also in house on a kitchen already climbed on, the time of installation is brief no more than 3 minutes. Exclusive the group of rotate-extraction is patented, particularly compact, it allows to use completely the space inside the piece of furniture also in height while the extraction that goes over the depth of the vain one, allows to reach with great facility all the products. The quality of constructive and the reliability of the used components, that the clients of the lemi alredy well  know, they are translated in 60.000 cycles of operation with 24 kg for basket. Also in this case, thanks to the notable availability of variations, plain in dignified, dignified edge chrome and edge of containment in thread or elliptic profile, kit of amortization, kit of sliding from the shutter etc. , the product can easily be shaped for every environment cooks.