Subsidiary System – Wing System

Wing Sistem

“Wing” Bar And Shelves Of LEMI

Designers: architects Gianmaria Belcore and Carlo Tajuddin

 Our thoughts focused in developing a flexible and versatile product, in the STUDY of DESIGN and functionality of the PRODUCT, in the pursuit of clean design.

The range of accessories is complete and functional, sisetema differs from all others currently on the market, holding the identity and image of the company, and being and enhancing their product range.


– Formal cleaning: the accessories, and the shelves, are particularly integrated to the bar without losing functionality and identity.

 – High technical quality: the mounting and fixing of the BAR are VERY simplified.

  Features, utilities: ease of cleaning accessories.

 – High personalization: not only in the finish, but also about the possibility to choose the desired length of the bar and shelves.

 Setting: modern and classic contemporary Area.

 The possibility of appropriate finishes allows to set the “WING” is both in the area ofmodern classic-contemporary taste.

 The Silver trim, brushed or polished, are combined with both areas of taste. The immersion silver and color is closer to the modern area

 Steamed beech wood components are combined easily to different types of cuisine.